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Domluca insists on only using the best coffees and we work with our roaster to ensure the coffee is consistent and is roasted to order for the ultimate in freshness.

Ethically traded coffees play a big part of Domluca's range.

Fair Trade Logos

Retail coffee packs are also available to compliment each of our coffee blends and each one whether it be pre ground coffee or coffee beans is packed in a resealable valved bag.

Our Coffee

Rainforest Alliance Guatemalan
Carats • Ethically traded single origin coffee
• Ideal for filter and lecafetiere
• Surprisingly good coffee as an espresso

Blend Sixty Four
• A blend of 5 Arabicas to 1 Robusta
• Good roast height
• Strong flavour coffee with no bitter after taste
• Great coffee for espresso

Classico Italiano
Guiseppes • Brazilian Arabicas and Ethiopian Robusta
• Traditional Italian blend
• Great coffee for cappuccino and latte

Classico Supremo
• Brazilian Arabicas and Ethiopian Robusta
• Great for filter coffee or bulk brewing
• Traditional Italian blend

Dom Luca Blend Sixty Four • Single origin good quality coffee
• Medium in strength
• Pre-ground and great for filter coffee

Bespoke Coffees
• Your own chosen coffee blend
• Your own branded packaging
• Various packet sizes and material
• Consistency and quality guaranteed

• Blend of South American & African Arabicas & Indian Robusta
• Rich and smooth coffee
• Full-bodied with a liquorice sweetness

Monte Sion
• Rainforest Alliance from El Salvador
• Rich, sweet and complex coffee with a thick syrupy body
• Notes of ripe fruit, subtle almond and hazelnut

• A single origin coffee
• Brazilian Arabica
• Gives quality coffee drinks from a wide range of machines and styles

• A great blend of Tanzanian and Central American fair-trade coffee
• Packed in 5kg bags to help the environment
• Ideal for the busier site

• Full-bodied traditional Central Italian coffee blend
• Deep cocoa balanced by caramel and roasted hazelnuts
• Creamy mouthfeel with a long syrupy finish

Triple Certified
• An extra special mix of Fair-trade, Organic & Rainforest Alliance coffees
• Blended from Honduras, Columbia and Sumatra