About Us

The Future

We are very proud to have had our 17th Anniversary recently, with this in mind we have decided to create our new website, which will include not only our brand new shop online but also our Subscription service. It will increase our customer base and also our product range and customer service capabilities.

History of Domluca

Paul Ramsey created Domluca after gaining extensive experience in the world of coffee, having worked with major coffee brands.

Domluca is unique and has been formed with a passion for customer service, coffee products and a flexible service, which is second to none. “Domluca” is unlike other traditional coffee names as it is named after Paul’s two sons, Dominic and Luke.

Domluca is a family run coffee company based in West Sussex, with customers nationwide.

Domluca coffee has grown rapidly over the past few years and is continuing to expand. Developing our coffee range and fine-tuning our customers’ coffee needs has seen many of our business customers embarking on their own coffee journey, with bespoke blends.

Coffee is Domluca’s passion and customer service is our priority. There are exciting times ahead with the launch of many of our wholesale coffee blends into the retail coffee market. We have been continually asked to provide smaller retail coffee packs to the home user, so Domluca retail has been created, this will allow us to supply straight to the consumer rather than just to wholesale businesses.

Our Range of Products

As a coffee based business we offer a wide range of coffee based products, from coffee beans, decaf coffee and filter coffee to coffee machines and various specialist equipment to provide for our products and our customers needs.

As part of our new retail focus we will be introducing a new seasonal blend of coffee every three months to allow our customers to experience a new taste of coffee that will broaden and excite their taste buds and enhance drinking experience. Keep an eye on our website blog to see what seasonal blend we will introduce next.

We have a vast array of coffee products, and we also know that the coffee market is a lot more than just coffee, which is why we offer products ranging from Hot chocolate, Syrups, Tea, Condiments plus Almars Italian Creams, which you won’t see distributed anywhere else in the United Kingdom.

Rainforest Alliance

As part of Domluca’s efforts to support coffee farmers and the villages surrounding these farms, we offer a range of products from Rainforest Alliance certified farms.

Meet the Team

Paul Ramsey (The founder) & Kerry Frost (Head of Accounts and Customer Service)