Domluca's Coffee Blends

We insist on using the finest quality plants from the very start of our coffee’s journey. Our roaster with over 30 years of experience sources green beans from coffee producing nations worldwide. Their expertise and attention to detail means only the best arrives at the roastery, the quality can be guaranteed.

At Domluca we like our blends and those bespoke blends chosen by our customers to be consistent year on year.

We do however recognise that people also like variety and different tastes and with that in mind we are able, from our vast stocks and buying capability, to source single origin coffees which may change characteristically from crop to crop, but do have some great characteristics. We have, with that in mind, also developed our seasonal coffees either in bean or ground form which we will change every quarter.

Classico Italiano

Blend 64


Classico Supremo


Monte Sion


The Story of Coffee

Starting with the choice, Domluca insists that the finest young plants are used.

At this point the cherries are ready to be hand picked, as all three stages are now on the bush.

After five years the bush will start to produce the first crop.

The cherry pulp is removed and rinsed and the green bean is left.

The cherries will start to ripen and turn red.

The green beans are blended and slowly roasted and are then ready to make the finest Domluca coffee.