More than just Coffee

More than just Coffee



The 1883 product is a fairly new product to Domluca and it has gone down really well with our customers. We recently changed to this line of syrup because we felt Domluca needed a change and a new variety in their syrups.
We chose this supplier because their design and the branding of their bottles was neat. Another reason was the great taste. Guaranteed to go down well with all customers.

What sells it for us:

These are just some of the great ways 1883 make their products taste and look so good. They are many selling points we could present to you. If you would like to find more out about this product get in contact with us.

Van Houten hot chocolate

We have chosen this is as our main brand hot chocolates because the taste is much less sweet and you don’t get that sharp after taste, which will appeal to more of our customers.

With Van Houten you are able to make it with either water or milk and it will taste just as good either way. So if this was just to drink at home and you don’t want to add milk, knowing it tastes just as great with water will ensure you still enjoy your drink.

We chose Van Houten as our main brand because of the passion that they put into every ounce of the hot chocolate. The Van Houten hot chocolate company is a well known and they came to fame in 1928, so we we know that they are reliable using the highest quality ingredients.

Zuma hot chocolate

We have used Zuma hot chocolate for many years now and have had great success. The Zuma brand has been so successful to us because it is so popular and everyone likes it and we have such good feedback.

They are always offering new flavours and new ways of improving profit.

Even though they have been established for a short amount of time, their quality assurance and business ethic works for Domluca.

The Tea Leaf Co

Domluca as a Company are very keen on the quality and freshness produced by using leaf tea and that is the reason we promote The Tea Leaf Company.

All of their teas, in our view, are a cut above any other tea available and we are very proud to stock them on our product range.

Birchall Tea

Birchall has a rich heritage and passion for Creating Perfect Blends

Birchall’s award winning specialty and everyday black teas are sourced exclusively from estates across East Africa. Birchall’s pursuit of quality ensures all their leaves are only ever hand-picked from tea bushes grown at high-altitude in lush volcanic soil and ideal conditions. The result is a cup of tea that is bright, delicious and bursting with full flavor, which we’re sure you’ll love as much as Birchall love creating them.


Cremino Veggy Coffee Creme

is the new 100% vegetable coffee cream that differentiates your business, is quick to serve and increases your sales!


Pistachio creme is also AVAILABLE!


good reasons to choose


1. It’s a 100% vegetal 

The first cold coffee cream completely vegetal, without any ingredient of animal origin, perfect for any kind of diet.

2. It’s good and healthy

Without milk or lactose, it is gluten-free, no GMO, no preservatives and additives, no hydrogenated fats, no palm oil.

3. It’s an energy source

Useful also for those who practice sports as an entirely vegetable supplement for their energies.

4. It’s probiotic

Regular consumption helps restore the intestinal flora balance.

5. Very easy to prepare

Impossible to make mistakes during preparation. Just mix one bag with 600 ml of water.

6. Very quick to serve

Don’t waste time during the service. Just pour the product from the machine into the glass.

7. Take-away

It can be eaten on the street or on the go.

8. Only one product = many different tastes

You can serve it simple or garnish with toppings, grains and decorations to create thousands of different personalized recipes.

9. High profit

Very low cost for each serving. Selling price is from 5 to 7 times the buying cost.

10. Self selling

Customers see the machine with product in the coffee shop and ask for Cremino.